Akari Kuroki
Akari Kuroki
Name Akari Kuroki
Kanji 黒木 あかり(くろき あかり)
Romanji Kuroki Akari
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Female
Height 158cm
Origin Japan
Affiliations Onsen Hotel
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Image Gallery

Akari Kuroki (黒木 あかり, Kuroki Akari) is Todome's bodyguard. She protects him from up close thanks to her ninja-like assassination techniques. An arsenal of weapons springs from beneath the frills of her loligoth dress, before unleashing a whirlwind of slaughter. Taciturn, she remains indifferent to many things, but acts differently with Kodama blushing when she see's him., showing hints of affection.




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